Made a New Year Resolution?

Going to keep it? Yes? We’ll see !

We all do it.

Determined to start the new year with a new regime to change this, improve that, but how often do we manage to stick to the plan? I know I fail more often than not. How about you?

One thing that’s important to me, is making sure I look and feel my best, because actually, the two are pretty well connected. And it might surprise you to learn that the most important part, on a mental and emotional level, is to learn to love yourself and the body you’ve been given. An important step in taking care of our bodies is to take seriously what we eat and drink, and how we take care of our skin.

Two things we can all do, that shouldn’t require a major regime change, are to try and always get a good night’s sleep, and really important, keep hydrating with plenty of water.