A gentle therapy which works by stimulating the reflex points in the feet to bring the body into balance. It has proved useful to gain relief from health related issues, which can affect the quality of life, and the restoration of good health.


45  Minutes      £30. 00

Holistic Heaven

This relaxing and revitalising treatment incorporates an Indian Head Massage, including the face, with an energy balancing Reiki down the body to the feet, finishing with a grounding session of Reflexology.


60  Minutes      £45. 00

Indian Head Massage

Ideal stress relief treatment for anyone with aching shoulders, migraines, sinusitis, tight neck,eyestrain, insomnia to mention but a few.

This massage can help release endorphins (natural pain killers) which calm the nervous system leading to muscle relaxation and so help in the prevention of toxins. It also encourages the lymphatic flow that boosts the immune system.


30  Minutes      £28. 00

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This is a powerful natural healing art that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy. It restores and balances the energy systems within all living things. A treatment to help you relax, revitalise and feel at peace.


30  Minutes      £27. 00

60  Minutes      £38. 00

Hopi Ear Candles

A non-evasive treatment and ideal alternative to ear syringing. The ear candles are used to treat many ailments such as glue ear, catarrh, sinusitis, sore throats, headaches and migraines.

During this very relaxing treatment the candle causes a chimney effect where a gentle suction draws out debris from the ears.

A facial massage is given to aid relaxation.


30  Minutes      £28. 00

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